Shadow Warrior curiosity


Mxrtxn: Robman, Corvin, Kitty and friends: Do you happen to know a more reliable service than tinypic to host images?? Nov 2, 2019 15:07:17 GMT -5
TMM: Robman, what editor are you currently using? I want to input negative values and SWPbuild won't let me. SWMapster32 crashes on Win10. Nov 4, 2019 9:08:39 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: I think there's a newer swpbuild version that fixed that, I'm not sure which Nov 4, 2019 16:26:56 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: SWMapster32 works for me, but not without some hangs and blips Nov 4, 2019 16:27:15 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: Which SWPbuild also has (and still had when I was using Win7) Nov 4, 2019 16:27:40 GMT -5
TMM: Yes, both have problems for me too. Currently running SWPBUILD, which I prefer but doesn't allow for negative values. Got Mapster32 running now, but that has even more issues. Nov 4, 2019 17:30:37 GMT -5
Robman: Indeed, I told Hendricks about the negative value problem and was fixed in the SWPBuild 4.3.3b3 version. Nov 4, 2019 18:06:16 GMT -5 *
Robman: although I see MartinHowe426 updated SWPBuild 10 months ago - "fixed more buffer sizes." Nov 4, 2019 18:25:39 GMT -5
Robman: I always just used SWPbuild for any "modern day" SW mapping. I haven't mapped now for alittle over 3 years, whoa! Nov 4, 2019 18:26:48 GMT -5 *
TMM: Oh that's great, thanks! Nov 5, 2019 9:02:11 GMT -5
TMM: I got SWPbuild from the ProAsm site, perhaps they should update it over there too. Nov 5, 2019 9:05:52 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: Got an idea, tunnel where right side warps to left (and vice versa) and front warps to back. Projectiles will travel pretty much infinitely 8D. Whoever dies the least and doesn't crash the server wins Nov 17, 2019 0:05:33 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: Honestly not crashing the server would be the hard part, lol Nov 17, 2019 0:05:48 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: It sorta works, just gotta loop ceiling to floor and try not to use the railgun as it caused like 100% of the crashes I was able to get Nov 17, 2019 14:58:27 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: I only tried it in single player tho, no idea if a server could handle that Nov 17, 2019 14:59:07 GMT -5
Robman: hehe the map I made called "sillymap" had a loop with teleports like that Nov 19, 2019 19:28:21 GMT -5
RogerNes: hello all ... does anyone know application for editing sprites like weapons, monsters etc. I've searched google on the old web, but haven't found it, many links are dead ... I have SD gog version Nov 20, 2019 5:50:28 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: Bafed is pretty good for exporting and importing tiles (And of course you could do the actual editing of tiles with Gimp), and you can use xgroup to actually get into SW.GRP which has all the .art files Nov 20, 2019 16:53:26 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: Mxrtxn has a better program though, I think Nov 20, 2019 16:53:50 GMT -5
Robman: I edited art in paint and added it to the .art files using bafed and then used xgroup to add or extract files from the .grp files when I was making maps and stuff. Nov 28, 2019 19:18:04 GMT -5
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