unskilled: The game though is like a Military Madness / Fallout: Vaults combination with RPG elements. It's actually very cool Jun 9, 2021 23:14:03 GMT -5
unskilled: Multiplayer too with clan battles, co-op with up to 6 people in dungeons in later levels Jun 9, 2021 23:14:37 GMT -5
unskilled: Players can also invade your castle and drop your resources a bit. Jun 9, 2021 23:16:11 GMT -5
unskilled: You can respectfully earn currency and items just playing normally (of course there are ads and you can benefit from that too daily if you play them you'll get a chest with items) Jun 9, 2021 23:19:28 GMT -5
unskilled: Or you can pay to get a lump sum of gold or crystals. Jun 9, 2021 23:20:03 GMT -5
unskilled: Reminiscing through old posts; saw the Mirror's Edge conversation. I was guilded with the lead programmer in EverQuest back in circa 1998 - 2006 Jun 10, 2021 2:04:54 GMT -5
unskilled: We actually had quite a few developers in our guild from various companies. Some from the SoE / EverQuest team which caused a stir most of the time. Jun 10, 2021 2:07:41 GMT -5
Robman: You've ventured much farther into the game universe than I. Jun 10, 2021 10:38:16 GMT -5
dzierzan: Working on small addon for SW, which will replace vanilla weapons with beta ones. I thought it's gonna be a quick job, but apparently I had to prepare some sprites, like widescreen beta missile launcher. Jun 12, 2021 12:50:04 GMT -5
dzierzan: Jun 12, 2021 12:50:07 GMT -5
Robman: Nice, looks long to me, likely just not used to seeing it like that. Jun 12, 2021 13:11:19 GMT -5
dzierzan: Beta missile launcher has different angle than retail one and it's certainly longer. I already adjusted offsets for it. It should be good enough. Jun 12, 2021 13:15:09 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: its looking pretty nice Jun 12, 2021 14:07:44 GMT -5 *
unskilled: I remember that taking up a nice little chunk of the CRT. Very nice job though, sir. Jun 12, 2021 17:15:35 GMT -5
unskilled: Starting point in Seppuku was in the apartment above the alley way during the beta (if my memory serves me right). Jun 12, 2021 17:22:10 GMT -5
unskilled: That was pretty much Randy's idea of Hollywood Holocaust since he played that a lot in multiplayer. Jun 12, 2021 17:22:32 GMT -5
Robman: To be honest, the multiplayer on TEN was a GIANT factor in me "supporting" Shadow Warrior Shareware! (& retail haha) for over 20 years. I say the 20 years thing frequently but it's a big deal really. T'is a long time. Jun 12, 2021 20:16:23 GMT -5 *
unskilled: To the "veteran" gamer it is a huge thing hehe. TEN and Kali really helped the Build Engine game community. Jun 12, 2021 21:02:13 GMT -5
unskilled: Worked the 28.8k modem to near death. Burnt out my first US Robotics 56k sportster (not intentionally.... during a lightning storm it actually fried itself. During a Dukematch) Jun 12, 2021 21:04:02 GMT -5
Robman: How were you at quake3 Un? Surely the asskickery was off the charts. Jun 12, 2021 21:29:43 GMT -5 *
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