Shadow Warrior Voxel Pack


Tylerfox: Never admined a website before, i imagine its a pain Mar 2, 2021 22:32:18 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: General Kenobi! Mar 4, 2021 23:48:37 GMT -5
Robman: Narf Mar 6, 2021 17:52:35 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: beta dark woods of the serpent should have been included as a dm map in place of ruins of the ronin or ripper valley fight me Mar 13, 2021 16:37:53 GMT -5
Robman: .90? Mar 13, 2021 20:35:07 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: yup, it's huge Mar 14, 2021 0:17:37 GMT -5
Robman: Just bought an SW CD on Ebay, I Bought the game back in 1998 but my cd has gone awol years ago while I still have the jewel case and manual. Mar 21, 2021 22:48:35 GMT -5
Robman: looks like they want 3 digit prices for big box version of sw, shame I threw out all my boxes long ago... had SW, Quake2, Motoracer...and more I cant remember, ,lol Mar 21, 2021 23:09:30 GMT -5
Robman: we've used a whopping 274 ad free pageviews of the possible 50 000 this month! Hilarious how it doesn't roll over to the next month, what a rip. Mar 21, 2021 23:17:15 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: yikes, im glad i managed to get a box for only $40 Mar 22, 2021 8:30:26 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: managed to find a port of Dosbox (DOSBox X) that will easily let me start up programs in DOS with like 2 clicks and wont give me errors using my original shareware CD Mar 22, 2021 8:32:16 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: this is what id be greeted with any time i started up SW back then, some pretty nostalgic stuff Mar 22, 2021 8:32:51 GMT -5
Robman: Nice, back in the day I'd turn the music off when playing sw shareware on ten due to music not really be advantageous in deathmatch. I wouldn't mind getting the shareware cd. Mar 22, 2021 12:14:34 GMT -5 *
tylerfox3894: I ripped my disc and mount it virtually when playing in dosbox, although its only required if you want music. Mar 23, 2021 3:46:56 GMT -5
Robman: What exactly is...a desrat? Mar 25, 2021 19:50:56 GMT -5
Robman: I wondered why this second SW cd I ordered said "special edition," it's the Walmart censored version. Apr 7, 2021 12:43:12 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: oh boy Apr 8, 2021 17:29:17 GMT -5
Ninjakitty: i made that mistake twice, i got 2 censored versions before i was able to find even one uncensored Apr 8, 2021 17:29:39 GMT -5
Robman: Well, I have a regular version jewel case with no cd, a regular jewel case with cd and a special edition. So, 3 cases - 2 cds because I lost my original cd years ago. I have some pc gamer demo disc with SW share on it also. Apr 8, 2021 20:59:19 GMT -5 *
Robman: a fresh Duke3d v1.3d and RR Rides Again on its way in the mail. Apr 8, 2021 21:01:28 GMT -5
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